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How to analyze SD card?. 1

How to use recycle bin?. 1

How to change folder properties?. 1

How to backup settings of ES?. 1

How to backup and restore app data?. 1

How to mount OTG drives?. 1

How to change theme of ES?. 1


How to analyze SD card?

From left sidebartools sdcard analyst you can see the total disk capacity, the shared of capacity and the rest of capacity.

Long pressing on files/folders you can delete it, pressing on address bar you can switch to ext-sdcard.




How to use recycle bin?

From left sidebar recycle bin you can enable recycle bin in ES, pressing on it you can go to recycle bin page.




Long pressing on its content you can see Delete Restore or check their properties



How to change folder properties?

If you have rooted your device you can use root explorer in ES

From left sidebar toolsroot explorer  you can select Mount R/W to mount your system files as R/W. Then you can select your system filesproperties to change permission




How to backup settings of ES?

You can make a backup of all your settings in ES File explorer

After you set up all you needs

you can go to settingsBackup SettingsBackup




so that you can just use Restore settings to get all your configure back easily

How to backup and restore app data?

You need root permission to backup app data

Steps are:

¢ÙEnable root explorer from left sidebar toolsroot explorer

¢ÚGo to settings of ES¡¡¡ú app check backup data

¢ÛFrom homepage app select app backup

To restore app data you should go to app managerpress address bar to switch to backed-up appspress the app you have backed up install with cached data




How to mount OTG drives?

Currently ES support FAT 32 and NTFS format OTG drive. For other format it depends on whether your device can mount it or not. If your system can recognize your drive you will get a message on notification bar

After connecting ,you can find your drive from left sidebarlocal or if it can recognize by your system you can find it on homepage


How to change theme of ES?

From left sidebar theme you can change theme

Pressing the theme you are using you can set background color, background image, text color and folder style.