1.      Q: Why I can't play remote file with third party apps?

A: There is few app support remote editing and fewer will give third party app the authority to use them within app so ES utilities sometimes is the only choice

If you have installed app which support ES and remote editor it will appear in the open with list


2.      Q: Why I can't play my media files with ES media player?

A: ES uses system codec in current version, so that it supports the same formats as which system supports. You might try other player if it doesn't play the format.


3.      Q: How to Fix Unknown error code during application install: "-24"?

A: It's a Google Android bug

Currently a solution is

If you have rooted your device please delete /data/data/com.estrongs.android.pop or Delete folder in next path: /data/app-lib/com.estrongs.android.pop-1

If your device hasn't been rooted you can try Clear Google play cache & reboot


4.     Q: Why you need READ_PHONE_STATE permission?

A: Please check the change log on the Google play. Per user' requests, it adds a feature that music will pause on incoming calls, which require the READ_PHONE_STATE permission to know when the calling is coming. It would not collect any user information.


5.      Q: Why "send by LAN" feature can't find my PC?

A: "Send by LAN" feature is among all the android devices within the same wifi and also have ES open you can select some of them and press send to send directly to their device


6.      Q: I deleted files by accident how can I get them back?

A: If you opened recycle bin in ES you can restore it from left sidebar ¡úrecycle bin otherwise

To retrieve you may try data recovery program on PC with you phone connected or ask some related expert


7.      Q: How to donate?

A: Currently we don't receive donations and a 5-star on Google play is a good encouragement

Thank you!